What to expect


A Place for you

When you join us, you’ll meet newborn babies, seasoned senior adults, and everyone in between. Some live in Wolfforth, some come from all over Lubbock and Hockley counties. The dress is pretty eclectic: shorts, jeans, slacks and skirts; t-shirts, polos, button-downs, and dresses. There aren’t many suits (but you’re welcome to pioneer that look if you’d like).

You should also expect to meet Jesus in His Word. Whether we’re singing, praying, reading, or hearing God’s Word taught, we aim to glorify Jesus by making a big deal out of His grace and mercy to us, by delighting in His love to us, and by striving to live our lives in obedience to Him. You should expect to see that we haven’t reached that goal, but that we’re sincerely pursuing it together.

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