Perhaps it goes without saying, but it should be said anyway: the Head of First Baptist Church of Wolfforth is our Lord Jesus. He rules us, and all of His churches, by His Spirit working through His Word, the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments.


Under Christ, the highest earthly authority in our life together is the congregation itself.

We are responsible together for watching over and caring for each other, guarding the faith delivered once and for all to God’s people, and recognizing and calling leaders within the church. Don’t mistake this for a grumpy isolationism. We’re happy to partner with other churches for the cause of missions, education, disaster relief, and others. But we do believe that no one outside our congregation has the authority to dictate our doctrine or discipline, what we believe and how we live our life together. We recognize two offices within the church that God has established for our good, pastors and deacons.


Pastors are called to exercise spiritual leadership and watchfulness over the church. They provide that leadership through prayer, teaching God’s Word, and the model of their lives.

Our congregation called C.W. Faulkner as our pastor in November 2011.

C.W. was born in Bryan, Texas into a family that surrounded him with love, care, and the gospel. His parents, a host of Sunday School teachers, and the care and example of his extended family taught him the great news that life could be found in Jesus Christ, but it was during a Sunday morning sermon at 7 years old that God convicted him of his sin and his need for Christ’s salvation. Over the past 3 decades, he’s grown as a Christian, done some schooling, met and married his bride Emily, served on staff with Cru’s Military Ministry (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), and welcomed his five children into his life and home. He gives thanks to God for all these blessings and many more! FBC Wolfforth called him to serve as our Pastor in November 2011.


Deacons lead the congregation in serving the tangible needs both of individual members and the church as a whole. They do so in order to demonstrate Christ’s care for His people, and promote and maintain our unity. Currently, FBC Wolfforth has called seven men to serve us as Deacons:

Ricky Drake, Bill Melton, Bruce Maddox, Alan Sower, Derek Racca, Kirk Hawkins, and Sean Long.

Pastoral Assistant

Brandon Stroud joined our staff as the Pastoral Assistant in January of 2024. He grew up in Huntsville, TX, where his family remains. Brandon grew up going to church and began following the Lord at a young age. He graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2018 and fell in love with his wife, Kaitlyn while serving at the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM). Brandon is currently working on his Masters of Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He enjoy’s spending time outdoors, playing sports, and spending time with his family.