Church Planting


10/40 Window

The nations between 10 degrees and 40 degrees north latitude in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia are home to many of world’s most impoverished, least evangelized people-groups in the world. We know the hope for these men, women and children is no different than our own: grace from God through Jesus Christ. We trust the New Testament pattern is the best way to serve them: sending workers who start churches by proclaiming the good news about Jesus! We have partnered with two particular families through our prayers and finances in their work to plant healthy churches in this region.

Visit the Joshua Project’s site for more information on the 10/40 Window.


As a congregation cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention, we join with thousands of other congregations in sending long-term Gospel workers around the world through the International Mission Board. We have joined in praying for and encouraging one family in particular who are seeking to plant churches among an unreached people-group in Central Asia.